It is often said that the experience of others doesn’t do a lot of good and that one must make one’s own experience with the most open attitude possible so that it is not distorted by a priori. Do not tell Kamal Bounouara who, through the history of his life as well as his company, will explain how the lived experience of others, takes value as a reference.

After 3 years at Reprotechnique as Head of Sales, he was contacted by Vision Numeric to become the Sales Manager for Great Britain & Ireland. Climbing the ranks one by one, he will continue his career at home as VP & GM of the North American subsidiary in Atlanta GA. He was then introduced to American-style management, or the art of building consensus before making a decision …

When he arrives in Atlanta, he’s decided to change the deal, starting by Americanizing the subsidiary, strengthening teams and boosting the distribution network, in step with the new impetus brought by the American breath. He reorganized the subsidiary that will reconcile with profits. There, he meets with surprising individuals and of good advice, most of whom will become loyal partners. The adventure was very enriching from a managerial point of view, because it was necessary to compose with nearly ten employees with very different profiles, in the manner of an orchestra conductor … This experience will enormously serve him afterwards.

But by 2014 he no longer feels the soul of a manager and is heading for another challenge: that of starting his own business.

We are then in 2015, in the heart of the startup years, and the virus of entrepreneurship comes to titillate him. Around him, more and more senior executives and other fighting companions leave the womb and will attempt the adventure of starting their business.

It’s time to change course, to find a niche in accordance with his past related to 3D CAD software and to get started. The idea of setting up his company, while probing a beautiful technology, without having to report anything to any boss put him on the road of additive manufacture.

If that does not tell you anything, what do you think about 3D printing? In a universe that is still largely to be explored: taking initiatives becomes much more attractive … The fact is that it releases a favorable atmosphere of emergence of ideas and in the US as in France, the time is to entrepreneurship.

Time to head to the airport. In order to deepen his research, during two trips to Shanghai, Kamal Bounouara discovers an unprecedented process, being developed by Prismlab, a 40-year old innovative company. Being convinced by the presentations and performances put forward, he gathers his former colleagues and friends to start a fund raising. Encounters, coincidence if there is, chance perhaps, the energy of the moment without a doubt, bring the project out of its lair, at the cross of business and ambition …

Thus, x3D Group is a Lyon-based gold nugget born on September 22, 2015. Despite its small structure, it has the merit of evolving among the greats and proudly displays its role as a pioneer of additive manufacturing on the European market.

The machines ordered finally arrive. Unmatched technology, they remain for the time unique in Europe and it is still through this acquisition that Kamal makes the difference. At the same time, he focuses on the development of a force squadron made up of engineers, designers and salesforce: the success of a team united by a taste for innovation, risk, challenge and sharing.

More a shadowy man than a champion of spotlights, Kamal Bounouara was able to invest where no one was watching. A true disturber of modern times, he naturally wishes to continue writing history by going beyond what has already been undertaken. To deconstruct the ideas received by democratizing the additive manufacturing sector and to allow everyone to materialize the strand of creativity that is sleeping in one with a single click: this is where is his greatest success.