With TraceParts, x3D-Print.com offer 100+ millions of 3D CAD files ready to 3D print.

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x3D-Print.com offer 100+ millions of 3D CAD files ready to 3D print.

A WINNING PARTNERSHIPTraceParts 3d models library

The strategic partnership with TraceParts is first a way to access to major benefits. It is indeed a possibility to accelerate your product development strategy. How? When you start a new project and you use the TraceParts 3D library, you will achieve your prototypes much faster, and you will shorten your CAD to Project chain.


Find the parts you need in one of the catalogues, print & assemble them to enjoy your object as almost real and no longer as a drawing.


Speeding your development strategy leads to better ROI (Return on Investment) and TraceParts favors this advantage. 3D printed prototypes will indeed allow you to achieve your conception much faster, the object giving you immediate tangible feedbacks.


The partnership between TraceParts and x3D-Print.com, it’s also an important 3D printing cost reduction. Thanks to x3D Group High Speed 3D Printing technology, you reduce the production time of your models. And parts don’t need any finishing since they come out of the machines with excellent surface finish and high precision.



TraceParts is a company that offers to everyone the large digital library that includes to-date more than 100 million files, ready to 3D printing directly on x3d-print.com platform. This new online resource is the first in its kind and leader on the market, with models widely used in several engineering sectors, from industry, tooling, automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, etc…



The library available on TraceParts offers you the opportunity to download 3D files, supplied by a wild range of manufacturers in various industries. You’re looking for an electrical motor, a pumping system, some connectors or bearing, you can find all you need here to complete your design. Thanks to the partnership between x3D Group and TraceParts, you will be able to 3D print Schneider Electric electrical connectors or Farnell nuts in a couple of clicks.



For no cost, you will access to hundreds of manufacturers’ catalogues of components, such as Rexroth (Bosch Group), Fischer, Lego, Legrand, SNR, and more…



You will enjoy the easyness of TraceParts in x3D-Print.com. No software installation is required, access to the library is opened to all. Once you’re logged on www.x3d-print.com, you will find several libraries available. You pick the TraceParts one to then browse through the 650+ catalogues database. There, you will be able to pick the 3D model of your choice, ready to 3D print.

Click on “3D Print It”, set your parameters (scale, color, material, etc) and your order will be forwarded straight to our production lab.



x3D Group and TraceParts are two organizations that share the same passion in the world of innovation and cutting-edge technologies. X3D Group specializes in the Additive Manufacturing sector, offering solutions, services and advices. Through its online platform www.x3d-print.com, it offers its 3D printing services and manufactures visual & functional prototypes, one-offs, small & large volumes. It runs several industrial 3D High Speed printing systems, and serves professional and industrial companies in several sectors such as engineering, healthcare, architecture, creative design, visual communication and education.



x3D-Print.com is not only easy to use and flexible, it offers a wide range of materials to help you achieve your project even better. As for as SLA (stereolitography) services, the thermoplastic line of PreciX acrylics give you the choice between several ABS-like materials, from hard plastics to silicone-like ones, which parts come out with highly smooth surfaces. Also, you will soon find SLS (Laser Sintering) services with materials such as PA (PolyAmides), ideal for applications requiring mechanical & thermal properties. Metal AM production will also be offered, to make parts in Aluminum, Maraging Steel, Titanium, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Silver). This large range of materials allow us to therefore address various projects.



At x3D-Print.com, you can also get 3D Scanning services. Scanning in 3D is a technology that captures the surfaces and colors of an object. It delivers 3D file made of a cloud of points, which will then be used to model the object in 3D. This technique is widely used to modify the design of an object, to archive and to secure the original model, to share it, and more… It cuts time dramatically, since the process is now very fast.


Our engineering office can also process your files, by editing or repairing them. Quite often, we receive damaged STL files, so we deciding to offer a free of charge repair services. Send it through x3d-print.com and we will send you the file back ready to 3D print.

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