Why investing in x3D Group ?



With over 16 years of experience spent in new manufacturing technologies, Kamal BOUNOUARA is a recognized specialist in 3D software, machine-tools and 3D printing.

He has built a team of enthusiasts around him, where everyone has invested himself personally to become the specialist of his subject.

Finally, x3D Group is also surrounded by numerous experts to enable us to accompany our clients on more specific subjects.



After 10 years in Great-Britain and the USA, Kamal BOUNOUARA has developed a solid experience in international commercial development. Since the birth of x3D Group, we have implemented distributor recruitment actions to expand our distribution network in Europe.

And to anticipate the future, x3D Group is already partnering with an American 3D software publisher.




At x3D Group, we try to imagine tomorrow’s tools to improve customer experiences, to accompany our customers in their digital transformation, to simplify the steps in-house, and to improve our competitive edge. We regularly deliver innovation tools at technical, marketing and service levels.